Batuhan Koyuncu

Batuhan Koyuncu

PhD Student

Saarland University


I am interested in building interpretable and explainable deep generative models, and their applications in psychiatry and healthcare. I am an ELLIS PhD student. My main supervisor is Isabel Valera at Saarland University. I will be co-advised by Ole Winther.

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  • Generative Modeling
  • Probabilistic Modeling
  • Representation Learning
  • MS in Computer Engineering, 2021

    Boğaziçi University

  • BSc in Physics, 2018

    Boğaziçi University

Recent Publications

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(2023). Variational Mixture of HyperGenerators for Learning Distributions Over Functions. To appear in International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2023.

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(2023). Label-Free Identification of Exosomes using Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning. In Small.

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(2022). Chemotherapy Response Prediction with Diffuser Elapser Network. In Scientific Reports.

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(2021). Analysis of ODE2VAE with Examples. In Fourth Workshop on Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences (NeurIPS 2021).

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