Variational Mixture of HyperGenerators for Learning Distributions Over Functions


Recent approaches build on implicit neural representations (INRs) to propose generative models over function spaces. However, they are computationally costly when dealing with inference tasks, such as missing data imputation, or directly cannot tackle them. In this work, we propose a novel deep generative model, named VAMoH. VAMoH combines the capabilities of modeling continuous functions using INRs and the inference capabilities of Variational Autoencoders (VAEs). In addition, VAMoH relies on a normalizing flow to define the prior, and a mixture of hypernetworks to parametrize the data log-likelihood. This gives VAMoH a high expressive capability and interpretability. Through experiments on a diverse range of data types, such as images, voxels, and climate data, we show that VAMoH can effectively learn rich distributions over continuous functions. Furthermore, it can perform inference-related tasks, such as conditional super-resolution generation and in-painting, as well or better than previous approaches, while being less computationally demanding.

To appear in International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2023
Batuhan Koyuncu
Batuhan Koyuncu
PhD Student

My research interests include interpretable deep generative modeling and its applications in psychiatry.